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Orange County is  beautiful . It is home to over 11,000 people and began as a mill town in the mid 19th century. The city grew into one of the largest cities. Orange County enjoys a suburban-style living in a busy city environment and is a prime spot for growth and development in recent years. House prices and maintenance costs have been steadily increasing as the city continues to grow.

As Orange County grows, some of its more historic houses are undergoing decaying roof slates and rotting lumber. Our roof restoration service has seen many customers in Orange County in need of emergency repair after spells of bad weather or high winds. If you are worried about the deteriorating condition of your roof, get in touch, and we can talk you through the best course of action.

Roof Replacement costs in Orange County have steadily risen in the least few years and have averaged out at about 6000 dollars for a full roof replacement. The minimum value seems to be falling at just under 5000 dollars and the highest prices paid are usually around 7000 dollars

The Residential Roof Replacement Process

Roof Replacement

When completely replacing a roof, several steps must be taken to ensure the job is done professionally and safely. As you are reading this article, you must already be interested in a roof replacement, so you should be mindful of the steps that must be taken. Roof Tear-off

A roof tear-off is when we altogether remove the old roof and install a new one altogether. This is the case for most of the older houses we find in Orange County, whose lumber has rotted beyond repair. This can be a time-consuming process, and alternative accommodation may be required for the homeowner or occupant.

If the roof has previously been overlaid, it is a smart choice to choose to replace it and get a tear-off completely. Overlay

For roofs which have not gone through such extensive damage, the option to overlay the old roof with new slates is always available. This is the route that many roofing specialists will try to take first to save the structural integrity of the roof. This can be cost-effective, but will not be performed if it may risk the integrity of the roof. 

Will My Home Insurance Cover the Cost?

Depending on your insurance policy, many home insurance providers will cover some of the cost of roof replacement depending on how the damager was caused and depending on if you had it included as part of your premium. The best way to find out for sure is to get in touch with your home insurer and ask them directly what they can and cannot cover. Our Services

We offer a range of roof replacement services which can deal with refitting and refurbishing roofs made from a variety of materials, get in touch today to speak to a member of our team, who can guide you in making the best choice to keep your roof safe.

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